Top 10 Wall Art Hangings Available at Pratibha Art


Pratibha Art is an amazing platform, filled with Beautiful Home Decoration Items, varying from sculptures to wall hanging and many more. They have a wide collection of unique and beautiful wall hanging for you, which you can decorate in your home perfectly.

Top 10 wall art hangings available:


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  1. Radha Krishna Jhula wall hanging –A beautiful piece of Radha Krishna Jhula wall hanging, which you would be amazed by seeing as it is very beautifully crafted and is made of the best and beautiful vibrant colours, which will enhance the beauty of your wall in a great way.


  1. Adivasi circle wall hanging and Diya candle stand –This is a grand type of decorative item and is not just a wall hanging but also a Diya and candle stand which you can be beautifully decorated at your home in the front of your living room or even in the guest room corner. The amazing craft of the Adivasi circle will enhance the beauty of this wall hanging perfectly.

 ganesh bansuri wall hanging

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  1. Ganesh bansuri wall hanging –This Beautiful and Religious Wall Hanging of Ganesh Ji is something that you should not miss out on if you are a follower of Ganesh. It is a perfect piece of art, having a flute and a Ganesh Ji who spreads positivity all around.

 Peacock candle stand

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  1. Deer Adivasi wall hanging and Diya candle stand– It is another amazing sculpture and wall hanging which portrays the Adivasi print and sculpture along with the deers on it. It is not just a wall hanging but can also be used as a Diya and candle stand.

 Rajasthani musician

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  1. Rajasthani musicianThis is another traditional type of wall hanging, you must have in your home as it is very beautifully crafted by different colors and designs perfectly. This musician looks very adorable and gives the perfect retro vibes in the home.


  1. Sun wall hanging –This is an amazing sun wall hanging, which enhances the beauty of your home’s wall by simply being on it. You can decorate it in your living room or even in your staircase wall perfectly.

 trumpet tribal

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  1. Trumpet tribal wall hanging –Tribal art is the best decorative art, to have in your home. They have this amazing trumpet tribal wall hanging, comprising the retro tribal with the trumpet giving a unique and eye-catchy look.

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  1. Big sun wall hangingMade with rather a large size than usual, it is perfect for the main wall of the living room and can look very unique and beautiful along with giving a perfect elegant look in the room.


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  1. Fish wall hangingIt is yet another amazing piece of art by them, bearing a sculpture of a fish in it, you can hang it at the corner of the room or in the hall of your home, near all the decoration items.

 talwar & dhal wall decor

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  1. Talwar and dhal wall hangingThis is yet another amazing best item of containing a sword and shield, it’s best for the empty walls in your home as it can perfectly catch the attention of anyone and therefore, you would be able to fill up your home’s empty wall perfectly.

Therefore, you must explore our website as they have the best type of wall hangings for you and your home. You’ll be amazed by their collection and the quality of the products, made with the best type of material.

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