About Bastar Art and Culture

Bastar Art and Culture

Bastar Art derived it’s name from Bastar, a social group district of Chhattisgarh with the population of about 70% within the district. Within this area, people are divided into completely different tribes & every tribe has its own culture and the simplest way of living. they're different from one another in some ways like groups have a special tradition, languages they speak dissent from one another, attire, worship customs, uptake habits and far additional. you would possibly notice it strange that within the twenty first century there are several social group teams living in the deep forest and unaware of this dynamical world.


Bastar Tribal People
The social group teams who are still living in Bastar district are as follows: Abhuj Maria, Bison Horn Maria, Bhatra, Dhurvaa, Gonds, Halbaa, Muria and etc. Among the tribes, Gonds are the biggest cluster of social group community of central India.

Bastar Handicrafts

The society of Bastar is well-liked for their work that has impressive handicrafts in several shapes and sizes. The craft work  incorporate wood-carvings, bronze merchandise, terracotta things, bamboo ornamental items.BASTAR METAL CRAFTS

Bastar, being a dense forest region having the best quality of teak and differing types of woods from that exceptionally beguiling wooden-cutting artwork and different sorts of furnishings are being created by the proficient and practiced hands of the creator. you'll get these enticing handicrafts in outlets of Jagdalpur simply.

Terracotta Art

The tribes of Bastar are the masterful creator creating handcrafted terracotta product. Terracotta is finest quality clay obtained from the watercourse Indrāvati. Decorative terracotta items largely depicts elephants, tigers, deer, table lights and etc.


Bamboo Crafts

Bastar social group is additionally masterful in creating items from bamboo that includes the items like hanging, table lights, table mats, fishing traps, baskets and hunting tools.

Bastar bamboo

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabrics are one amongst the popular and appealing craft work created by the tribal folks of Bastar. These are product of Kosa string that is created from a worm found within the forest. The hand printing is often through with the natural vegetable dye extracted from aal, found within the Bastar forest. The materials use to create dress material, drapes and cotton saree, popularly referred to as Bastar Kosa frock.


Bell Metal Handicrafts

The Bastar tribes are well-liked in creating bronze handicrafts that are created by hand through the vanishing wax system. The bronze handicraft incorporates items like elephant, deer, bull, horse, lamp shades, hangers, boxes, and baskets of various shapes and sizes.

The bronze art of Bastar zone conspicuously referred to as “Dhokra Craft” is found in Jagdalpur Kondagoan and Narayanpur areas. The Dhokra specialty is declared to be old art being transmitted from one generation to a different.


Wood Craft

Eco-friendly stunning wood product are been adored by all age bracket people. India is being endowed the Mother Nature and given many helpful trees to urge distinctive wood things from. Woodcraft could be a standout among the foremost notable pleasant and extraordinary specialty of wooden cutting of Bastar tribals.


These wooden artworks are created out of the best teak wood and white wood. These wooden specialties incorporate models, article of furniture things then forth among the furniture, Deewan (Cot with box) is exceptionally celebrated and enticing since it includes the craft of cutting with varied photos of Bastar culture and totally different plans of intrigue. These crafted works are for the foremost half listed to raised places of the state, and these wood items are been requested to be export to foreign countries.

Woodcraft from the social group belt of Bastar is known for figures of tribal gods, cut wooden masks, and wall ornamental items. Chhattisgarh is in addition renowned for painted and lacquered wood item, as an example, toys, boxes, bedposts, flower jar, candlestick cots.

The wood carving skill has been thriving in Chhattisgarh from time immemorial and one will discover cleanly cut wood items planned by the professional of the State.WOOD HANDICRAFTS

The competent artisans of Bastar build splendid things and residential décors like a wood ceiling, doors using varied varieties of wood like shisham, teak, dhudi, sal and kikar. The specialists likewise build the mask, window frames, furniture, ornamental items, and sculptures.

Keeping The Art Alive

To keep alive the Bastar Art, many NGO’s came along and done multiple exercise in Chhattisgarh and alternative elements of Bharat. many policies are created so as to support the social group teams and families involve during this ancient art and craft.

Chhattisgarh Tribe

The tribal Bastar Art have been promoted internationally also, which in favor bought the exposure to the tribal communities & increased their confidence in work.

These promotional stunts, exhibitions are of great help for the Artist working behind and help to raise their living standards.