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Elephant With Mahawat

Elephant With Mahawat

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Elephant With Mahavat

Dhokra Art Elephant is an ideal decorative piece for your home, shop, and office. This elephant is an ideal table and spiritual decor that is handcrafted by our skilled artisans from Bastar to ensure its accurate shape and elegant finish. Offered handcraft has a unique design to make it look eye-catchy and appealing. The elephant is a sign of good luck that makes it highly demanded in the market. In addition, provide an artistic look.

All our crafts are 100% handmade using the lost wax technique and are believed to be the oldest craft in India. The material used is brass. Craft name -Dhokra Craft which is the folk craft / tribal craft of Chhattisgarh, India.

Dhokra Art Elephant:

Height: 6"

Length: 6"

Weight: 600 Grams

Note: As all our art forms are handmade so the weight of the final art forms may vary slightly. 

Pratibha Bastar Art

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