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Bastar Art - Horse: 8.5"*8"

Bastar Art - Horse: 8.5"*8"

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Horse Bastar Dhokra Art: 8.5" * 8" 

Lend your living space a regal touch this season by welcoming this artistically handmade designed horse showpiece by Bastar tribal. Its craftsmanship not only accentuates its sophisticated allure but also makes it lightweight. The Horse carries great significance. The Horse is the hero, the strong warrior to be respected and displayed. He is the Peach Blossom animal (love object) for every Rooster, Ox, and Snake and a symbol of the Horse should always be in their homes placed in the South for love luck. The Horse stands for courage, determination and getting the job done correctly. The Horse is the warrior and this gorgeous Horse demands respect. Place this beauty in the south of a room or the south of the home to signify fame and career luck. Place him on the work desk to inspire courage and success. 

All our crafts are 100% handmade using lost wax technique and are believed to be the oldest craft in India. The material used is brass. Craft name -Dhokra Craft which is the folk craft / tribal craft of Chhattisgarh, India.


Bastar Dhokra Art Horse:

Height: 8.5"

Length: 8"

Pratibha Bastar Art

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